Join The Untitled Mag (opening July 9th) in creating The Queer POC Youth Project!
  • What if there was a considerable effort to focus on queer people of color in a non-tokenizing, appropriative light in media, especially queer POC youth? 
  • What if qpoc youths had people that they could look to and converse with on the struggles and successes in their lives? 
  • What could the conversation look like if we actually listened to their stories and watch them grow as brilliant, brave, creative, outspoken adults? 
  • And what if you could be one of the people we focus on?

The Untitled Mag wants you! We want to celebrate, appreciate and give priority to your identity and personality by showcasing it in a regular series online and in print. We want to hear about your lives, how you deal with deal with the intersections of being young, queer and a person of color, create links with other older queer poc, and we want to show you to the world so others, like you, will know that they aren’t alone! 

If you’d like to get involved with the Queer POC Youth Project, please reblog this post (so others can find out more) and send us an e-mail on: who you are, what you’re up to, your experience with the intersection of being queer and a poc, and why you’d like to participate in the project. E-mail us at and we will run this call out until July 31st!

The Management
chelsea • Pam • Shivana • Chris • Cara • Kaki • Cassie • Helen

The Untitled Mag strives to empower a community of diverse youth by providing a space to celebrate their existence within a world that otherwise denies universal pride in their rich, personal identities. We acknowledge, celebrate, cherish and give priority to those marginalized by their sexual identity, race, gender identity, class status, ability status (physical and mental), body size, and health.

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